We're Through the Looking Glass Now -
Turns Out There's Monsters

June 15th 2020

A good long while since this curious snap, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect and now, it’s time to reveal our dark and terrible secret. That’s right, we have some news.


After a busy few months behind the scenes, we’re now ready to officially announce the production of Painted Mirror Films’ upcoming horror short!

Written by our very own Natalie Parker, Mimicry will be her first directing credit as well. Shot right here in Sheffield, Mimicry explores the ways physical appearance can be seen to dictate the worth of a person in the eyes of others. Begging the question of just what is looking back when you check out your reflection, two young housemates are about to come face to face with the answer.

A former beauty queen, Alice (Closing Time’s Isabella Percival) has always been measured by her appearance. Now trying to find her way in a world bereft of sashes and tiara, she struggles to find meaning and a sense of identity in a less glamorous life. Whereas Izzi (Sonora Hills) is desperate to express her individuality but constantly compares herself to those around her, neglecting her own quirks and interests to try and become more like her friends. Naturally, living with a girl who is recognised for her beauty only highlights Izzi’s perceived inadequacies - she feels like she’s living in Alice’s shadow.


“I’d always wanted to write a horror film,” Natalie says, “and I wanted to make it scary. Unfortunately for me, scary is subjective. It’s difficult to identify a topic that has meaning but is also freaky-deaky enough to give people a chill. So, I had a good long think about what I find scariest in life. At the risk of sounding too emo, I arrived at the conclusion that the thing I am most afraid of is having to face my true self…

“ I went ahead and took this very literally with the premise ‘what if mirrors were evil?’”


At this point, we really want to give a massive shout out to everyone whose time and energy has gone into this project so far - everyone on the PMF team and all the friends who’ve helped us out with makeup and production roles. There’s so much we can’t wait to share and we’re looking forward to showing off everyone’s incredible work!

Written and directed by Natalie Parker, Mimicry is produced by Mark Howarth (Words of the Prophets) with cinematography by Kieran Bentley (Overdue), starring Isabella Percival as Alice and our fellow Sheffield FMS alum Sonora Hills as Izzi.

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Look out for yourself.


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