We're starting a blog!

September 10th 2019

Yep, we’re starting a blog!

I think it’s fair to say that the nine of us have some thoughts to share on film, filmmaking and the creative process.

From working together on so many productions, to all the group cinema trips and late night script readings, as well as our combined, personal experiences, there’s so much we’ve learned. From the years we spent running meetings for the Sheffield Student Filmmaking Society, we have a huge catalogue of material delving deep into theory and the cinematic process and, as we continue our work with Painted Mirror Films, we can’t wait to share our projects, our thoughts and our journey with you!


To that end, the PMF team will be contributing posts that explore the topics and issues that peak our personal interests. We have such a wide breadth of experience: some of us having made films since we could hold a camera, while others, more fresh faced, bring a passion and excitement that reminds the vets why they love doing what they do. With such a diverse range of skills and knowledge to pull from, there will likely be no single voice behind this blog, no single journey to follow and so our posts should really let you get to know us all very well indeed.


Our main aim with the blog is to really highlight our love and our passion for the filmmaking process. One post might cover a stage in production while the next might dive into film theory - perhaps we’ll review films, comment on events we go to or share our thoughts as we carry out makeup tests and rehearse scenes with actors. We’ll complain, we’ll struggle and we’ll rejoice as we share our own creative processes: conceiving and developing exciting new projects and bringing you along for the ride.

And don’t think these posts will just the endless thought trains of a group of motor-mouthed twenty-somethings! You’ll be behind the curtain with us! We’ll share sneak peeks and behind the scenes material from our upcoming films to give you a true representation of how we put projects together. Here will also be the first place to find trailers and interviews with cast and crew members when we’re promoting our projects!


Our mission statement as Painted Mirror Films is “Create. Promote. Inspire.” and this blog will seek to embody that mantra to a tee! With our posts, we’ll be chronicling our own creative endeavours, promoting those of up and coming creatives, and seeking to inspire you to go out and tell the stories you’ve always wanted to tell.

Let’s see how it goes.

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