About Us

The team behind Painted Mirror Films is a group of talented content producers, dedicated to making the most compelling and original works of film and video.


Meeting as eager new members of the Sheffield Student Filmmaking Society, we’ve been creating amazing work together ever since.

Producing both comedic and dramatic short films with the society, we developed a brilliantly collaborative relationship. It was important to us that the society be an inclusive space where people could learn new skills and be inspired to express themselves creatively. So much so that, as Painted Mirror Films, we continue to run filmmaking workshops to this day.


As a group of nine filmmakers, our greatest asset is the broad range of skills brought to the table by each of us.

Our team includes imaginative writers, visionary directors and dedicated editors, with decades of combined experience. Whether developing a new and exciting film project or giving your next marketing campaign that extra, impactful flair, every one of us is driven to create work that promotes ideas and inspires action.

Our time with the Filmmaking Society drove us to become a cinematic force to be reckoned with.

We talked so often about one day forming our own film and video production company. Eventually, we found ourselves asking the question: why not today?


Get to know us

Find out a little more about the people and passions that make up Painted Mirror Films


    Mark Howarth
    Company Director

    Mark is a writer, director and editor with a lifelong passion for storytelling. He uses his skills as a writer, script doctor and storyboard artist to help visualise projects and will always want to be the first behind the editing desk.


    Natalie Parker
    Head of Marketing

    Nat is a writer, editor and avid Horror fan, always looking to tell her own chilling stories. She has an intuitive eye for graphic design and is working to build a career in digital marketing.


    Enrique Casañas Montesdeoca
    Finance Officer

    Enrique has been making films since he was old enough to hold a camera. He's a director, writer and reluctant actor who tackles each project with curiosity and competence.


    Theo Burgoyne
    Content Producer

    Theo is a writer, filmmaker, and editor, with a love for all things quirky and supernatural. They currently work in online learning, producing video content with a marketing focus.


    Jenna Muiderman
    Head of Production

    Jenna is a writer and filmmaker, specialising in artistic direction and production management. She loves leading projects, and making visions a reality.


    Kieran Bentley
    Company Secretary

    Kieran is a seasoned filmmaker, animator, and VFX artist. He's worked in Higher Education for several years, producing innovative video content for a wide range of campaigns.


    Ed Whately-Smith
    Content Producer

    Ed is a writer and music producer, with a keen ear for audio design and sonification.


    James Turner
    Content Producer

    James is a writer, actor, and film critic. He's particularly interested in horror, westerns, and character driven dramas.


    Max Albrecht
    Content Producer

    Max is a screenwriter and director who loves a bit of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. The more genre-splicing and practical effects, the better.